Interpreting and applying building and fire safety codes can be a daunting task. With our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape, we can help clients successfully navigate code requirements and identify building and fire safety strategies that best fit the needs of their project. Our active involvement in international building and fire safety organizations further allows us to stay informed of current standards and code updates and ready to address any potential concerns throughout the planning and installation process.


Building and fire code compliance is essential to mitigating the risks associated with a design project. Our compliance experts assist clients in interpreting and applying national and international building and fire safety criteria. We involve ourselves early in the design process to identify potential compliance problems and develop effective solutions that can help reduce delays, decrease costs, and expedite construction.


Our team can assist in obtaining required building fire permits. Using the criteria in internationally recognised fire safety standards and other technical documents, we advise clients about the suitability of solutions, configurations and components specifically in relation to the activity risk profile. We also verify that configurations comply with basic pre-design requirement standards. This includes determination of maximum occupancy, minimum means of egress, active and passive protection measures, and selection and restriction on fire reaction for materials.


While traditional code compliance works for many design projects, building and fire safety codes can often limit design flexibility and hinder the architectural design intent for unique, complex and state-of-the-art projects. Using our critical understanding of code requirements and regulatory intent, we work with clients to find design solutions that will demonstrate that aspects of a project can meet or exceed the prescriptive code requirements.


Clients may find it difficult choosing a fire protection system that best fits the needs of their facility. Our specialists can conduct feasibility studies to objectively assess the practicality of potential fire protection systems along with their strengths and weaknesses. Through economical evaluations and a cost-benefit analysis, we can determine the most appropriate solution that will achieve the required levels of fire safety within a facility.