Fire + Explosions at Sea

John Gow

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5 Jun 2024

Fires and explosions on ships are the most dangerous and catastrophic incidents that can occur at sea, as they can lead to significant property loss, injuries, fatalities and environmental damage.

Recognizing deficiencies in ship fire safety is crucial to improving safety standards onboard ships. By identifying and mitigating risks, companies can ensure the well-being of crew members, safeguard the vessel from any potential harm, and prevent significant financial losses.

John Gow, Technical Director, Marine, highlighted the risks of fire at sea in a new white paper that unpacks some of the factors that can escalate a small incident into a catastrophic event at sea. Below are several key points addressed in the white paper:

  • Identifying Fire Safety Deficiencies on Ships
  • Meeting Fire Safety Objectives
  • Improving a Ship’s Safety Management System
  • Making Ship Fire Safety a Priority

Read the full white paper to learn more about how to protect the crew, the vessel, and the environment here.