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On the central corner of Vibenshus Runddel in Copenhagen, the 21Ø building features a 15,000 sqm commercial hub with housing and offices. The concept of the building is a play of geometry to create harmony and balance between new and existing structures. It is set to provide green common spaces on the ground floor and on the green roof gardens that color the site plan in the center of Copenhagen.

This building provides mixed-use services that balance out two different purposes: commercial with 9,000 sqm and 600 workplaces and residential with 77 apartments. The two buildings are divided by a shared green space and car-free passage that pave the way to a pedestrian passage between Jagtvej and Aldersrogade.

Our team of engineers carried out fire safety engineering plans for this building, which acts as a gateway to Copenhagen. We developed fire safety reports that are code compliant, and we performed risk analysis tailored to the mixed-use nature of the building, ensuring that safety measures are to protect the occupants and the surrounding community.

Incorporating green spaces and shared common areas in a mixed-use building presented unique challenges for our team when designing fire safety engineering plans. The challenges exist in balancing the desire for open, inviting spaces with the need to maintain fire safety measures. Green spaces and common areas often involve materials and layouts that can pose fire risks if not properly addressed along with the flow of people through these spaces.

Our team conducted thorough analyses to identify potential fire hazards associated with the design elements of the building. We implemented fire-resistant materials and incorporated sprinkler systems, smoke detection devices, and fire alarm systems tailored to the unique features of the green spaces and shared common areas.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, this building is thoughtfully designed with a focus on biodiversity. The structure is envisioned as a green mountain landscape, serving as a habitat for plants, birds, and insects, thereby fostering a thriving ecosystem. In a world increasingly grappling with climate change challenges, Jensen Hughes is proud to contribute to this advanced and environmentally conscious building.

Project Details


ATP ejendomme

Project Location



2022 - 2025

Project Size

15,000 sqm

Featured Experts

Thomas Schleidt

Market Leader, Certified Fire Consultant for BK2, BK3/4 + Third Party Verifier

Aarhus - Denmark

Master Fire Safety, BSc Engineer, Load-Bearing Structures, Certified Fire Consultant for BK2, BK3/4 & Third Party Verifier

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BEng in Civil Engineering, Carpenter

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