Using their deep knowledge of code requirements and regulatory intent, our building code consultants help you create the most effective strategy, from audit and planning to project completion. Our code consulting services will help you navigate the complex landscape of regulatory agencies to reduce delays, manage costs and support construction timescales. We also help ensure that your building, industrial or infrastructure project is compliant with the latest legislation to mitigate risk and address design needs.


Our building code experts assist developers, owners and architects with code consulting services for building, industrial and infrastructure projects. We interpret specific project designs to understand fire safety challenges as well as reference key building and fire safety criteria to document the levels of code compliance needed. Our experts also produce reports to outline plan review results, identify compliance issues and offer alternative approaches.


Our experts check for design conformity using basic standards for fire prevention - more specifically the Belgian Royal Decree of 7 July 1994, function specific and local legislation. By reviewing the building design, we can determine if the design conforms to the applicable legislative documents. For industrial clients making modifications and/or extensions to their facility, we can also check conformity with installation specific standards and rules of good practice (for example CEA4001 sprinkler system, EN12101 Smoke and Heat Control) and provide necessary solutions.


Building audits can identify critical points for occupant life safety, potential fire spread and fire brigade intervention. Our practical approach includes a visual survey using a variety of drawings and photos showing the areas where the building is non-compliant. We provide an independent survey and report containing references to the relevant legislative texts that help to put the client's mind at ease. Based on our audit, we can propose a fire safety concept and define compensating measures.

For large industrial complexes, various legislation and specific requirements apply. We respond to the challenge with a fire safety audit across the site, producing a number of recommendations to reduce fire risk and ensure compliance with all fire safety rules. In turn, this helps with creating an investment and safety plan.


Derogation studies can add a positive and practical dimension to your project. To ensure timely project completion, our depth of code expertise is critical in demonstrating to officials that alternative materials, approaches or systems align with the code’s intent. Our team can make refinements to code compliance utilising their specialist knowledge and extensive experience identifying detailed design aspects that can be adapted from a fire safety perspective.