We partner with developers, owners, building code officials and architects to identify risks, review building and fire code requirements, and help deliver the most appropriate fire safety design for your buildings. Our expertise in Performance-Based and Alternative Design Solutions is incomparable, keeping your tenants safe while meeting the challenges of aesthetics, functionality and cost-efficiency. President Luciano Nigro, Managing Director Gaetano Coppola and our team have built an impressive business focused on providing high-quality client service. In addition to Italian code knowledge, our Milan team has expertise in International Building Codes (IBC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Our European energy and utility services expertise includes risk and hazard analysis, process safety, and nuclear engineering, led by Davide Mercurio.

Fire Engineering

Our fire engineering consultancy provides safe buildings without compromising the design vision. We develop performance-based solutions which are both cost-effective and suited to the architecture. The European office offers over 25 years with a well-established focus on service excellence, a team of expert consultants and the desire to go above and beyond to find the best solutions for our clients. With the experience of more than 6,000 projects, Jensen Hughes is Europe’s leading Fire Engineering Consultancy.

Fire Engineering Consultancy

Energy + Utilities Services

From power generation to transmission and distribution to energy storage, our experts are at the forefront of hazard mitigation, helping identify, analyze, and mitigate risks critical to any organisation’s safety and continuity. Using risk-informed, performance-based methods and technologies, we assist with compliance and help enhance the safety and operational performance of complex facilities including fossil-fuel or clean energy sources, like nuclear, hydrogen and energy storage.

Energy + Utilities

Leadership Team - Italy

Electronics Technologies, Society of Fire Protection Engineers

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M.S., Loss Prevention, M.S., Insurance Engineering, M.S., Advanced Chemical Processing, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

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Davide Mercurio

Regional Director, Energy + Utilities

Helsinki - Finland

PhD in Mechanical and Process Engineering, Master of Business Administration (MBA), MS in Nuclear Engineering, BS in Nuclear Engineering

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