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Westfield Milan is slated to be the most extensive and exclusive shopping center in Europe. It will be located about 25 minutes from the city center and near Linate airport. The 200,000 sqm multifunctional space is designed to provide not only shopping areas but also entertainment and leisure facilities.

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The Problem

Although Westfield had a very clear idea of how they wanted the shopping center to be designed, local fire regulations didn’t align with their vision.

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The Solution

Our team leveraged International Building Code to address many of the compliance issues. They used a performance-based solution approach, which incorporated many of the unique features of the design to achieve aesthetic and functional goals while maintaining safety levels for building occupants.

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The Results

We’ve worked closely with the Italian authorities to gain approval of a design that is more in line with international best practice. Westfield was able to gain more than 10,000 sqm of additional retail space and build to the original design.

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