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The Aarhus Airport extension project aimed to significantly upgrade and expand the airport's facilities to accommodate the growing passenger traffic and enhance overall operational efficiency. The extension improves connectivity within Denmark and with international destinations, thereby promoting tourism, trade, and cultural exchange. One of the primary objectives of the extension was to increase the airport's capacity to handle a larger volume of passengers and aircraft.

The Greater Aarhus is the 5th largest Nordic metropolitan area and investing in extending routes to the most popular destinations in Europe is key to its growth. The terminal development represents a significant expansion, effectively creating a new terminal alongside the existing one. This expansion includes doubling the overall size, adding numerous international departure gates, and enlarging the tax-free retail area and, adding lounge-like comfort, Danish design aesthetics, and food and beverage options.

Jensen Hughes was commissioned in 2023 to provide fire safety engineering plans for the airport extension. Our team worked alongside several stakeholders to ensure that the fire safety reports are according to the government regulations of fire safety in the newbuild areas. In addition to the code compliance, we conducted thorough risk assessments to identify potential fire hazards and vulnerabilities within the airport's expanded infrastructure.

Over the six new gates, our fire consultants developed innovative fire protection strategies and systems, including fire detection, suppression, and evacuation measures, to mitigate the impact of fire incidents and ensure rapid response capabilities.

Project Details

Project Owner

Aarhus Airport A/S


Aarhus Airport A/S

Project Location



2023 - 2025

Project Size

Approximately 3.500 m2


Featured Experts

Thomas Schleidt

Market Leader, Certified Fire Consultant for BK2, BK3/4 + Third Party Verifier

Aarhus - Denmark

Master Fire Safety, BSc Engineer, Load-Bearing Structures, Certified Fire Consultant for BK2, BK3/4 & Third Party Verifier

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