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Northern Ireland's sole dedicated pediatric healthcare facility, The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children (RBHSC), has served the community since 1873. Recognizing the need for growth and modernization to better serve the public, RBHSC embarked on a mission to replace its aging infrastructure with a brand-new facility. However, the intricacies of the innovative design posed challenges in meeting stringent code compliance requirements.

Our expert team focused on optimizing egress performance, reinforcing passive fire protection measures, enhancing active fire detection systems, and strategically placing firefighting shafts. We provided alternative fire engineering solutions to ensure regulatory compliance while preserving the unique architectural vision.

Our innovative fire engineering solutions not only met Building Regulations requirements but also harmonized seamlessly with the distinctive architectural design. Our approach also heightened fire safety by implementing advanced fire protection systems, enabling early fire detection, mitigating fire spread and planning smoother evacuation processes, ultimately elevating the overall life safety standards of the hospital.

As a dedicated partner to RBHSC and the architectural team for this transformative project, we take pride in contributing to the creation of a modern, safe, and innovative healthcare facility for the benefit of the community it serves.

Project Details

Project Owner

The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children (RBHSC)

Project Location

Belfast, Northern Ireland



Featured Experts

Tony McParland

Managing Director, Fire Engineering + Litigation

BSc (Hons), Construction Engineering, MSc, Fire Safety Engineering, Chartered Engineer, , LETAPAEWE Accredited by Pearson Learning at a Level 7 (Masters level) BTEC

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MSc, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, BEng (Hons), Mechanical Engineering

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