Ensuring Fire Safety Designs Comply with Building Regulations

All new buildings and existing buildings which undergo a material extension, alteration, or change of use must be designed and constructed in compliance with Building Regulations. Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (BCAR) furthermore require owners, builders, and registered construction professionals to demonstrate that works have been designed and constructed in compliance with Building Regulations through mandatory design certification, lodgment of plans and particulars, and builder’s supervision and certification. BCAR regulations includes works related to fire safety design.

Fire Safety Ancillary Certifier Services

Under BCAR, building compliance must be verified by a mandatory inspection plan prepared by an appointed Assigned Certifier with inter-reliance on inspection and ancillary certification by key parties involved in the building process. This will affect certain works including those requiring a Fire Safety Certificate. Our qualified fire safety engineers can act as Ancillary Certifiers for fire safety certification and ensure that all work related to fire safety design, including means of escape, potential for fire spread and fire services access, complies with Building Regulations.

Fire Safety Certificate Application

Fire Safety Certificates (FSC) will certify that a project, if constructed in accordance with submitted plans and documents, is compliant with the fire safety requirements set out in the Building Regulations. FSCs are necessary when an applicant proposes a new building or new extension, material alteration, or change of use for an existing building. Our team can help prepare FSC applications and the supporting materials required for submission to the local Building Control Authority. This includes preparation of maps, plans, fire safety reports and compliance documents.