Fire barrier design can come with unexpected surprises, so our experts are ready to respond quickly to your needs. With decades of experience, we can identify and solve the many challenges that exist in implementing fire barrier design in a wide variety of construction projects from small to large scale. We offer in-depth experience in testing construction and renovation projects and developing fire barrier products with manufacturers.


The incorporation of fire barriers in building design is required by law – it takes an expert to know where, how and when to implement a fire stop. In almost every property, fire compartments contain building technical feed-throughs. A failed fire barrier gives fire and smoke a potential route to spread from one fire compartment to another, damaging property and endangering lives throughout the building. We provide insight into:

  • Making a fire stop plan for a new building or renovation site
  • Supervising the fire barrier contractor on a construction site
  • Getting the construction site barrier stop plan approved
  • Providing third-party inspection of the fire barrier plan
  • Issuing an expert opinion on a fire technical product


A fire barrier plan is required for all buildings with compartments. Compartmentation helps prevent fire and harmful gases from spreading across the entire building. In the building permit process, our job is to support the work of the structural engineer. We consider the site-specific requirements and present solutions in the structural plans. The earlier our fire safety experts are involved in the project, the more likely they can streamline the building permit process and reduce costs.


Effective fire barrier design and implementation is about adapting theory into practice across a broad set of requirements. An individual, site-specific product approval requires only a statement from the specialist. In contrast, a comprehensive fire stop design for a complex building requires the participation of a fire barrier designer from start to finish. From new construction to renovation projects, we offer comprehensive experience in developing fire barrier designs to meet a wide range of needs.

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