Fire Engineering Design Examines the Property's Fire Safety at Different Stages of Construction

The earlier you involve a fire engineering design consultant in your project, the more innovative and cost-effective the fire safety solutions you’ll have at your disposal. Besides smooth collaboration that balances overall safety and the design vision, we also ensure a streamlined approval process.

Structural Fire Engineering

As fire engineering specialists, we understand that effective Fire Engineering Design helps save resources and safeguard lives. By hiring a fire engineer early in a construction project, you’ll make sure that the security of the building meets the legal requirements, the regulatory processes run smoothly in both the building and the commissioning permit approval phases, the design work stays on schedule, as fire safety is taken into account from the beginning and unnecessary surprises are avoided and you can choose the most cost-effective solutions without compromising fire safety.

Safety + Compliance Regulations

A fire protection plan is a document attached to a building permit that makes understanding the fire specifications of a property, or part of it, easy. The document helps planners in their specific fields and authorities with their approvals process. In the design phase of a building, the fire engineer’s job is to guide specialist planners with: acknowledging the type and number of exits, the fire resistance of load-bearing structures, designing adequate smoke extraction, and choosing the right kind of fire extinguishing system.

Rapid Residential Fire Safety Consultation

In some locations, expert assistance is required for individual design or implementation issues. This could be, for example, advice on fire safety in detached houses or small apartment buildings. Also, negotiation support between the authorities and planners could be needed for smaller sites that don’t require a fire protection plan. Our fire safety engineers are here to answer all your fire safety questions.


  • Ideation
    In the ideation phase, the fire consultant steers the project's direction from a fire safety point of view. The most significant cost savings are achieved during this phase because the building plans are still being drawn.
  • Building approval process
    The fire engineering plan prepared during the design phase is added to the building permit application. A well-prepared document summarizes the fire specifications and helps to streamline the approval process with fewer requests for clarification from authorities.
  • Building site phases all the way up to the final inspection
    Our specialists’ daily routines include site supervision, consultation during the construction and supervising the fire-stopping and sealing contractor. Our strength is in putting the theory into practice.
  • Redevelopment planning in different types of properties
    Redevelopment of large properties must take fire safety into account. For example, shopping malls are constantly evolving, and fire protection plans need to be updated accordingly. Any changes in the fire compartmentalization are also critical from the safety standpoint.
  • Partial demolition of the building
    Fire safety engineers also work at the demolition sites. In this case, we assess which parts of the building can be demolished so that the remaining portions remain fire safe.
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