Do you have a construction site with challenging safety issues?

Risk analysis and performance-based design are tools that help solve the most challenging fire and safety issues of your site. Securely. Besides a smooth design collaboration, we also ensure a trouble-free approval process for demanding building sites.


Standard measures are always the starting point in performance-based design. Taking into account the site's properties, we use performance-based design to also adapt and solve the atypical, challenging parts.
Performance-based design provides tools for:

  • Increasing the size of fire compartments safely
  • Sizing of exit arrangements (for example, unusual widths and distances of the exit routes)
  • Fire design of load-bearing structures
  • Examination of a specific building material
  • Examination and smoke control of fire compartmentation structures
  • Ensuring the operational conditions of rescue personnel


Risk analysis is always tailored to the site. We use it to identify risks to the building and its operations or surroundings. We also use it to determine suitable risk management systems. In addition to buildings, risk analysis works well for safety planning of other types of infrastructure and identifying the potential for dangerous incidents.


We perform high-quality, functional fire measurement and risk analysis with a practical approach. Our specialists represent the top of their field.

Easy implementation
Our experts are skilled at working with authorities to ensure the designs are compliant. We know what solutions work best at sites and how to progress design work within schedule.

Big picture thinking and intelligent solutions
We only use functional design when it’s necessary. Considering the specific aspects of your site, we'll propose the most sensible solution in terms of safety, cost and schedule.


In most cases, buildings that meet fire safety requirements are designed according to the minimum standards set for fire classifications and the requirements given in regulations 848/2017 and 927/2020. In these cases, compliance with the fire safety requirements doesn’t need to be demonstrated separately. Due to its simplicity, design based on table measures may not be the most optimal and economically sound solution. Hence, fire safety design allows for an approach based on assumed fire development, i.e., functional design. The most significant benefits of the performance-based design are typically gained in large and complex construction projects, as E1 regulations are sometimes difficult to implement.


The scale of functional fire measures varies from individual building materials to regional inspections. Due to the wide-scale and diverse challenges, specialist know-how is key to effective solutions.
Typical risk analysis applications include:

  • Underground facilities
  • High-rise buildings
  • Spaces with a large surface area
  • Buildings with unusual structures or architectural solutions
  • Land use planning (local and regional plan levels)

Contact our specialists if you need fire safety design and want to ensure you meet the minimum fire ratings and requirements. Our job is to solve your design challenges accurately and cost-effectively.

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