Detailed Risk Analysis for safety driven outcomes

With regard to fire prevention in work spaces, we perform risk analysis in the context of the legal requirements imposed by the Belgian Royal Decree of March 28, 2014. We are highly experienced in conducting risk analysis across a broad spectrum of sectors, including commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, and rail and road infrastructures. In addition to our detailed analysis, we also provide the technical specifications for the recommended systems we put forward.


Our risk analysis focus is on fire safety for building design, with specific attention to key issues like fire compartmentation and occupants’ safe evacuation. Safety levels are based on the current applicable legislation and rules of good practice. Our capabilities extend to sites with a complex network of locations - such as Universities - which provide a considerable challenge when it comes to estimating risk and managing fire safety.


We undertake risk identification using both qualitative and quantitative assessments to gain a complete understanding of potential issues. The qualitative evaluation provides us with a first assessment and allows us to identify the key areas of focus. This is supported by quantitative analysis, including probability risk analysis, to understand the likelihood of highly undesirable events or accidents occurring. It also allows us to compare different combinations of measures and provide a cost-benefit analysis of potential remediations.


Our fire safety experts can use simulation models and testing to conduct a thorough risk analysis of potential vulnerabilities and evaluate the effectiveness of proposed fire protection systems. This includes a complete analysis of buildings, processes, and materials and their impact on fires and explosions in all aspects, including product toxicity, combustion and radiation analysis.


We can perform a risk analysis of buildings in the context of the renewal of the building layout and fire detection system. This risk analysis is based on the Belgian detection norm NBN S21-100-1 and is used to investigate whether the fire detection system needs to be updated or extended.