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Repton Gardens is the tenth and most sustainable building designed and executed in Wembley Park, London. It is one of the new sustainability-focused build-to-rent homes. Reviving the history of the area by renaming the development after Humphry Repton, who was the landscape designer hired by the wealthy Page family back in 1792. The estate was named ‘Wembley Park’ following Repton’s advice.

Comprising three distinctive towers, Birch House, Cherry House, and Aspen House, this development offers a total of 396 build-to-rent homes, including 117 units designated as affordable housing. The towers are thoughtfully interconnected through a shared podium, providing residents with amenities like a car park, outdoor terrace, and communal spaces that enhance the overall quality of life within this vibrant community.

Designed with families and sharers in mind, Jensen Hughes stepped in to carry out a fire strategy for the whole development. To support the fire strategy, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) studies were done to assess the performance of the smoke control systems in protecting the escape stairs from the ingress of smoke from corridor and car park. CFD studies offer a scientifically rigorous way to assess and fine-tune smoke control systems, ensuring that they perform as expected and contribute to the overall safety of a building and its occupants. Jensen Hughes' diligent efforts during construction ensured that the EWS1 forms, essential for fire safety compliance, were issued for each tower, prioritizing residents' safety and well-being.

Repton Gardens adds to the ever-evolving landscape and growth of Wembley Park, playing a significant role in shaping the future of this dynamic neighbourhood.

Project Details

Project Owner

Quintain Living


Quintain Living

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Wembley Park, London



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Boris Tang

Technical Director, Fire Engineering

MEng, Automotive Engineering, Chartered Engineer, Member, Professional Member, Member, Member

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Ross Skellett

Technical Director, Fire Engineering

Birmingham - England

MEng (Hons), Aeronautical Engineering, Associate

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