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TOAS Kauppi, an eight-floor residential building and 72 apartments utilizing Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) modular construction, presented a unique opportunity to showcase the potential of timber structures in contemporary architecture.

TOAS Kauppi is situated within a complex in Tampere that shares borders with Tampere University Hospital (TAYS), an allotment garden, the Kauppi sports park and outdoor areas. Our team supported multiple sites in the region and became involved as a fire engineering consultant for the development of TOAS Kauppi, along with its neighboring sites, TOAS Hippos and TAYS.

The surroundings consist of five distinct residential buildings and an above-ground parking garage strategically arranged around a communal courtyard. Jensen Hughes provided services related to the CLT modular construction to ensure the safety and compliance of this groundbreaking project. The use of CLT construction in TOAS Kauppi presented an opportunity to explore the possibilities of timber structures while adhering to safety standards.

The client's desire to expose timber in the building’s interior and exterior, including in the stairway, posed a challenge regarding fire safety without compromising the aesthetic vision. The building is timber framed with larch cladding panels with fire protection. Additionally, TOAS Kauppi's location within a complex, bordering a hospital, sports park, and allotment garden, required meticulous planning to address potential risks and ensure overall safety.

Jensen Hughes undertook a comprehensive qualitative risk analysis to address the challenges posed by the timber exposition and the unique location. Our team worked collaboratively to design a performance-based fire strategy that not only met but exceeded the highest safety standards. The result was a fully exposed timber stairwell that seamlessly blended safety considerations with the client's aesthetic preferences.

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Tampere, Finland



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Aleksi Ojala

Service Line Leader, Mass Timber, Europe

Tampere - Finland

Masters of Science, Civil Engineering, FISE Designer of Fire Safety (class PV)

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