Actionable plans to sustain essential business operations safely + effectively

Whether you’re looking to develop, enhance or implement your Emergency Action Plan, we’re here to guide you through the process and prepare you for the future.

Crisis Reporting + Evaluation

To ensure a clear chain-of-command for leadership and personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic, we help to define key reporting and escalation procedures for low, medium and high-impact events, including security, hazardous material release, severe weather and other impacts to operations and personnel safety. Precise escalation procedures ensure that any incident is addressed rapidly and efficiently, which helps to minimize the impact of a possible COVID-19 incident. The process identifies specific guidelines in each of three phases:


Emergency Action Plans + Response

During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s critical to respond and stabilize operations as soon as an incident has occurred. We develop and enhance procedures on how to respond immediately, protect your employees, assets and property while beginning operations recovery, including reduced-staffing scenarios. Procedures are defined under four key phases of the response:

  1. Prevention + Mitigation: The intelligence and information sharing protocols and protective actions to remain operational.
  2. Preparedness: Supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), training and communications tactics to be used.
  3. Response: The activities that comprise the COVID-19 response and how they impact operations.
  4. Recovery: The communication and tactical procedures that help resume normal operations after an incident.

Industry-Specific Plans

Essential industries need to operate reliably during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure continuity of operations and safety for their clients and customers. Power generation, oil and gas, manufacturing, laboratories and government agencies each face unique challenges as they continue to operate. Developing, or adapting existing emergency action plans that address these challenges enable your company to manage and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.