Optimized Emergency Response Planning

In addition to fire protection engineering, Jensen Hughes provides fire and emergency services consulting to public and private agencies worldwide. Our team of experienced consultants support clients in achieving public safety through a balance of advanced built-environment features and innovative emergency response systems.

Master Planning Fire Protection

A comprehensive fire protection strategy for community master planning is critical to managing risk and impacts on life and property. Our experts provide a balanced approach that considers the engineering and design of the built environment alongside the criteria of an effective emergency response system. By conducting feasibility studies, gap analyses, designing fire stations, and modeling response times, we deliver sophisticated emergency response systems of the future.

Emergency Operations + Support Services

Fire and emergency programs benefit from periodic assessments to keep up with site changes and new technology. Our combined fire engineering expertise and decades of incident management experience bolster public and private fire and emergency service programs. We optimize standards of cover, organizational policies, staffing assignments, physical resource allocation, apparatus design specifications, emergency dispatch and communication systems, and provide competency assessments to ensure alignment with international emergency response standards.

Special Operations

Complex geography demands complex response solutions. Our team offers response capability analysis and program development for specialty operations that include land-, air-, and marine-based fire and emergency response systems. Our subject matter experts provide clients with a reliable engineering knowledge base and a boots-on-the-ground command presence. Our combined expertise delivers dependable assessments and recommendations for emergency response services in high-rise, rail, underground/tunnel, airport, wildland, and marine environments.

Private + Resort Community Protection

The world’s most luxurious private retreats and destinations are frequently located in isolated sites with limited or no emergency response systems. Our team works with property owners to establish fire protection strategies and emergency incident plans that protect life and minimize loss. Whether coordinating with local agencies or developing internal on-site emergency response and incident management capabilities, our experts provide the experience and knowledge necessary to apply strategic layers of property resilience and reduce liability.

Futuristic + Innovative Fire Technology

The world is rapidly changing, and public safety systems of the future will look vastly different than the past. Emergency responders must adapt and rely on fireground modernizations such as robotic technologies, unmanned aerial systems, electric apparatus, biometrics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to optimize all aspects of incident management. We work closely with manufacturers and product vendors to stay current and up-to-date with emerging technologies and futuristic response equipment so that our clients can access the most advanced solutions.

Advanced Fire Technology Council (AFTC)

Our team maintains key industry relationships through fire service professional organizations and participation with international standard development committees. Because of our commitment to excellence, we can offer increased value to our clients through teaming partnerships with highly experienced and internationally recognized chief fire officers who participate in our Advanced Fire Technology Council (AFTC). These industry relationships expand our depth of knowledge and support the technical development of our fire protection strategies.

Third-Party Incident Analysis

Following an incident fatality, mayday, or near-miss event, a comprehensive independent analysis provides objectivity. Our team of fire protection engineers, fire service experts, fire modeling specialists, and forensic investigators collaborate on multidisciplinary aspects of construction, fire protection systems, dispatching, effective force, response capabilities, procedures, fire ground tactics, incident management, and origin to provide third-party evidence-based data and recommendations that reduce potential for reoccurrence.

Fire + Emergency Services Experts

Vernon Champlin

Manager, Fire Protection, Emergency Services, Wildfire Risk Mitigation

MPA, Master of Public Administration, Executive Fire Officer, BS, Fire Protection and Safety Engineering, Fire Marshal (FM), prior Chief Fire Officer (CFO), Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), Fire Investigation Technician (FIT), Member Grade (MIFireE), Institute of Fire Engineers, Fire Inspector II and Plans Examiner, Fire Protection Engineering Technology-Certified Engineering Technologist (CET)

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