Emergency Preparedness

Our proven process helps protect lives, property + business operations

Protecting your occupants and facility during an emergency event such as a fire, severe weather or active shooter scenario starts with emergency preparedness. Our experts help ensure that you develop standard operating procedures and emergency action procedures to protect lives as well as mitigate liability, maintain business continuity and minimize business losses.

Emergency Response Plans

We develop standard operating procedures that outline the necessary pre-incident planning and time-critical actions that must be taken during the emergency event as well as post-event recovery to return to normal operations.

Mutual Aid Program Development

We can assist in developing a program to coordinate local emergency operations groups, response teams and first responders in evaluating staff organization, on-site and off-site response capabilities, programmatic procedures and equipment needs.


Our consultants offer customized training programs to meet the response needs of your organization and ensure they are current with industry standards. We cover topics such as awareness, communication, incident response, emergency/crisis planning, business continuity and risk assessment through online and in-person training.

Drills + Exercises

Our staff are experienced in running a wide variety of drills and exercises to validate elements of the emergency planning process. We have the capability of running Tabletop Exercises (TTX), Functional Exercises (FE) as well as Full-Scale Exercises (FSE) involving emergency responders.