C Tripp Wagner III


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Areas of Expertise

Code Analysis + Safety Evaluation
Commercial + Residential Appliances
Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Suppression Systems Design + Consulting
Electrical Systems
Fire Detection Systems
Gas Systems
Evidence Collection
Investigation of Fires + Explosions
Incendiary Devices
Fire Science
Fire + Explosion Investigation
Accident Reconstruction
Vehicle Fires
Fire Origin + Cause Investigation
Appliance Fire + Failure Investigation
Mechanical Engineering
Fuel + Gas System Investigations
Codes – Building, Fire + Life Safety

C Tripp Wagner III is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with 15 years' experience in fire and explosion forensic investigations involving structures, vehicles, marine vessels, electrical systems, appliances, gas systems, fire protection systems, explosive and incendiary devices. He has been involved in the origin and cause and forensic analysis of more than 1,000 fires and explosions. Mr. Wagner has testified over 70 times regarding the origin/causation and forensic examinations relating to the origin and cause of fires and explosions. He is an alternate member on the Technical Committee on Fire Investigations, NFPA 921. He also has experience with forensic investigations involving non-fire losses from vehicles, plumbing systems, gas systems, HVAC systems, and appliances.

In addition to scene investigations, Mr. Wagner performs testing and analysis to determine the root cause of fires and explosions as well as non-fire losses. Mr. Wagner also has experience in building, fire and life safety code interpretation of various types of occupancies and buildings. He has extensive experience in code interpretation and analysis in business, educational, correctional, healthcare, commercial, industrial and mixed use sectors. He has conducted reviews of codes and fire protection systems in pre and post fire conditions.

Education / Certifications
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware
  • Certified Fire Investigator, IAAI
  • Certified Fire Inspector - NFPA 1

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