Our team of security advisors, protection specialists, emergency planners, threat managers, investigators and leaders in public safety and law enforcement provides expertise across industries and markets worldwide. From commercial, government and nonprofit organizations to private clients and their family offices, we help our clients make their world safe, secure and resilient.

Security Design

We incorporate physical and technical security factors into the site plan at the design and construction phase.

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Security Risk Management

Combining deep security risk management expertise to lead, plan, design and implement complex security engagements.

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Threat + Violence Risk Management

We help you identify the potential threats and risks of violence within your company.

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Law Enforcement Consulting

Our services include assessments of the entire department or individual units (e.g., internal affairs) or issues (e.g., community policing, use of force, staffing).

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Our team can help you understand your organization’s exposure to fraud and financial crimes and mitigate the risks of regulatory, reputational or financial harm to your operations, reputation or shareholder value.

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Private Client + Family Office Services

Assessment of physical and technical security protecting assets as well as technical surveillance countermeasure sweeps.

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How We've Protected Your World

Shedd Aquarium

Our assessment provided Shedd with a detailed roadmap to reduce identified risks, discourage intruders, prevent security-related events, enhance emergency preparedness and prepare for rapid and effective response and recovery.

Louisville Metro Police Department

Our assessment report presented a clear roadmap to help the LMPD establish a new policing environment in which the department and the community are equal partners in the coproduction of public safety.

When Failure is Not an Option: Leading in Times of Crisis

Failure is never an option when it comes to the safety of your family, business or community. At some point, you may be the one they turn to in a crisis, emergency or disaster to lead them to the best possible outcome.

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