When a crisis arises, minimizing the response time is critical and any delay can have significant and even fatal implications. In today's business, political, environmental and social realities, it is imperative for every business or facility to plan for the worst-case scenario and be prepared for any emergency. Emergency management consultants understand the scope of emergency response as it relates to every individual facility is also critical as no two plans will be exactly alike. Our disaster response consultants are here to help you understand every facet of emergency management, from action plans to mass notification system design to post-event response, and collaborate on a plan that will be the right scale for your needs.

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The Human Impact in Emergency Incident Response: Part Two – Ten Tips on Taking Care of Emergency Response Team Members

Providing support to response teams ultimately helps reduce stress, maintain decision-making ability and prevent burnout.

The Human Impact in Emergency Incident Response: Part One – Remember Your Response Team

An incident's impact on responders' lives can be dramatic and often not well-considered in planning

Preparing for More Frequent + More Complex Hospital Evacuations

Hospitals across the United States must be prepared for total “full building” evacuations. Although rare, these events can affect any health care facility and have a significant impact on its operations and the surrounding community.

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