Our Commitment, Taking Steps Forward

At Jensen Hughes, we lead with our Purpose + Principles and value our people. We believe that creating and sustaining a culture of trust, integrity and professional growth fundamentally includes a sustained and unwavering commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). To bring this commitment to life every day – from our employees and partners to our clients and service communities – we are systematically executing a formal DEI Strategy with ten focus areas, from Recruitment and Development to Policy and Strategic Planning. Join us in this journey and help us make Jensen Hughes a DEI model organization – one that supports our people, industry, clients and performance and, by extension, advances positive change in the world.

Jensen Hughes Appoints Marcia Thompson as Chief Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Officer (CDEIO)

Marcia Thompson is an experienced leader, attorney, public speaker, trainer and facilitator with a 25-year track record advancing collaborative and creative ways to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in many organizational environments, from global enterprises to nonprofits and government agencies.

As the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO), she is responsible for leading all DEI-related initiatives internally, in collaboration with HR, compliance and legal leaders, as well as externally, in partnership with client-facing teams. She joined our team in 2019 through the acquisition of Hillard Heintze, an industry leader in law enforcement consulting, security risk management and investigations. At Hillard Heintze, Marcia designed and delivered DEI-related training and coaching initiatives for clients and both led and served as a subject-matter expert on the firm’s Law Enforcement Consulting team, advising dozens of city and police leaders nationwide, from Baltimore and Louisville to Chicago and Denver.

Marcia has served as general counsel for an internationally prominent public service organization at the forefront of best practices in equity and inclusion. She has served on multiple boards and committees dedicated to ethics, civil rights and equity in the workplace. She also served as Ombudsperson on Capitol Hill, collaborating with human resources, legal, compliance, and organizational leaders across the Capitol to address and resolve concerns with policies, process, and procedures, often overlapping with perceptions of unfair and inequitable treatment.

Marcia started her career at the Department of Justice (DOJ), where she was trained in policy review, consensus building, mediation, and civil rights protections in the workplace. At the DOJ, she created a diversity recruitment program whose success won her an award and changed the way the DOJ addresses recruitment.

She is a certified mediator and an executive coach. Marcia has developed customized training and curriculum on DEI topics, taught for years as a social justice professor and often served as a curriculum reviewer for other entities to minimize unintended bias, or civil rights concerns on how those materials were presented.

Marcia has also served as an EEOC-certified workplace investigator and as a federal hearing officer within the DOJ. She is trained in and has taught others how to conduct impact and analysis of equity concerns while helping to create strategies and policies for using metrics and benchmarking to increase diversity in the workplace. As a keynote speaker, Marcia presents frequently on DEI-related topics at national conferences.

Inside Jensen Hughes

It is imperative that we build a workforce and an environment where everyone, from any background, can use their voice and do their best work. DEI fuels innovation, resilience and growth, helping us to become the company we aspire to be.

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We serve as passionate and trusted advisors with a comprehensive range of experience in the DEI space. We offer consulting, training, assessments, strategy development and implementation and partnership in rebuilding communities and workforces.

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