Providing you unbiased science-based answers

Litigation support is critical to developing the best case for your client and to objectively prepare for issues raised in the dispute. We provide independent and unbiased assistance in litigation, using advanced laboratory, testing and modeling services. Our highly skilled engineers draw on their expertise in fire protection engineering, materials science, civil, geotechnical and other risk-based science to provie the facts you need for your case.

We will continue to support you through trial by providing expert witness testimony, evidence storage, chain of custody documentation, and other related legal services. Our experts have testified on a wide variety of cases including construction defect claims, automotive and marine accidents, product liability cases, regulated safety and security standards.

Related Capabilities


We provide quality control process to verify that your systems will perform as intended.

Fire, Smoke + Tunnel Modeling

Innovative fire, egress and smoke modeling tools to elevate fire protection designs.

Accident Reconstruction

A scientific approach to solving the questions of how and why an accident occurred.

Building Sciences

We evaluate the performance of building and structures.

Expert Laboratory Services

Advanced laboratory facilities used for lab testing, sample preparation, and material/evidence inspection.

Litigation Support

In depth litigation support, expert testimony and expert scientific analysis for a broad spectrum of cases.

Materials Science

From defect to degradation, our metallurgical and materials team provides you with comprehensive investigations.

Fire Science

Providing fire investigation rooted in science.

Product Liability

Providing liability, consulting services and litigation support worldwide to help you do your due diligence.

Origin + Cause

Determine origin and cause that is substantiated by fire science and will withstand the challenge of litigation.

Failure Analysis

We pinpoint the root cause of your industrial failure and help get you back on track as quickly and safely as possible.