Robust research to identify + characterize damages, defects, + degradation mechanisms

While there have been significant advances in durability, resiliency, and efficacy, materials are still subject to progressive or immediate failure based on the changing environment and manmade conditions. Whether it is a cracked polypropylene pipe, rusting steel structures, water-damaged concrete, or collapse due to increased pressure on a material over time, our team contains world-leading experts in the understanding of the science behind materials and why they fail. Through determination of the root cause of a failure, we can support your insurance or litigation claim, remediate the existing condition, helping you prevent failures in the future and mitigate any losses.


We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis and characterization of a broad range of materials used in the built environment and industrial processes. Our areas of expertise include the analysis of adhesives, coatings, plastics, cements, plasters, ceramics, woods and metals. Drawing on our in-house lab and scientific expertise, we characterize material behavior, enabling you to understand why and how the failure occurred.


Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the world. Many of our structures, including critical infrastructure and historic buildings are deteriorating due to aging and wear. Our state-of-the-art concrete lab is equipped to help you understand material behavior, material constituent and optimization and mixture development during the pre-bid and pre-construction phases of projects. During the construction phase, we can assist in troubleshooting to enable resiliency and durability over time. In existing buildings, our experts conduct field investigations, condition assessments, forensic investigations, failure analysis, non-destructive testing and repair design.

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