Helping make your products safer

Product failures can have a devastating effect on your organization directly and indirectly through lost product sales, litigation claims and decrease in brand reputation. Our worldwide team of engineers and scientists are experts in product liability and offer consulting services as well as litigation support to help you investigate and recover from a product failure. We specialize in design analysis, testing, export support and product failure analysis for a wide variety of products, equipment and materials across a wide range of industries.


Navigating the regulatory landscape of different global markets is a complex and challenging task. Our expert scientists, engineers and laboratory facilities around the world help you to understand the unique requirements of each local market and how you can maintain regulatory compliance in your product design. We also assist with manufacturing design and material selection and audits, foreseeable abuse testing and feedback, hazard and risk analysis, and ANSI Z590.3 analysis.


Distributing your product globally takes accuracy and diligence. We support you through the process of product classification, program set-up and administration of support services. We also answer pull and sample failure letters and stop-shipments by government authorities in foreign countries.


While electronic consumer products must go through rigorous safety testing, incidents sometimes happen through electrocution, component failure, battery fires or power supply failures. We have extensive experience investigating all types of product failures including computers, recreational equipment, toys, kitchen appliances and electronics. If required, we can provide periodic product sampling, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) evaluations, and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) support.


Battery failures are often the culprit in a large variety of fire investigations. We are uniquely positioned to determine the origin and cause of almost any battery fire. In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become the dominant rechargeable battery chemistry for consumer electronics due to their higher energy densities. We help you to understand why lithium batteries fail and conduct analyses of battery remains to identify whether the battery was the origin of the fire and the mechanism of failure for the battery.


When you’re ready to re-design a product that has failed, we partner with your Quality, Engineering and Legal Departments to report to C-level Executives and Boards and provide expert engineering advice.

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