Warren F. Harris


Senior Forensic Chemist

Areas of Expertise

Failure Analysis
Consumer Products
Materials, Metallurgy + Corrosion Analysis
Forensic Investigation
Consumer Products Analysis
Chemical Analysis of Fire Debris
Forensic Investigation + Causation Determination
Fluid Analysis: Oils, Gasoline, Accelerants
Knowledge of Most Scientific Instrumentation
Materials Analysis
Metals (Corrosion), Wood, Plaster, Glass Textiles
Wet Chemical Analysis
Microscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Gas Chromatography
Construction + Materials Failure Analysis + Testing
Expert Witness Testimony

Warren Harris is a Senior Forensic Chemist with a background in chemistry, geology and mechanics. He specializes in laboratory characterization of unknowns, and their potential sources, including chemical analysis of fire debris. During his 25 year tenure as a Senior Forensic Chemist, he has conducted laboratory investigations designed to determine the causation of failures involving processes, consumer products, materials and construction system failures. Specific forensic investigations include determining the cause of failures of adhesives, coatings, concretes, plastics, metals (corrosion), wood, plaster, glass textiles, oils and other materials. Mr. Harris' approach to forensic investigations combines his experiences and skills obtained in evidence collection, literary research and specialized laboratory techniques to determine causes of material failures. He has a working knowledge of most scientific instrumentation, wet chemical, microscopy and spectroscopic techniques. Mr. Harris provides testing, consulting and expert witness testimony.

Education / Certifications
  • BS, Geology and Chemistry, Eastern NM University
  • AA, Geology, University of Maryland
  • Licensed Unarmed Private Investigator, state of WA
  • ALOA Registered Locksmith

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