We serve our customers across Finland with local offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Kuopio. Samuli Heikkilä (Managing Director, Finland) expertly leads our fire safety and planning consulting business. He ensures all our specialists in different locations get the support they need for providing world-class service. Our European energy and utility services expertise includes risk and hazard analysis, process safety, and nuclear engineering, led by Davide Mercurio.

Leadership Team - Finland

JP Laaksonen

Service Line Leader, VP Finland

Helsinki - Finland

MSc., Civil Engineer, Fire Engineering and Risk Management, FISE Designer of Fire Safety (class PV), Chairman, Member

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Samuli Heikkilä

Managing Director, VP Finland

Helsinki - Finland

Master of Science, Medical Engineering

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Davide Mercurio

Regional Director, Energy + Utilities

Helsinki - Finland

PhD in Mechanical and Process Engineering, Master of Business Administration (MBA), MS in Nuclear Engineering, BS in Nuclear Engineering

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Services for the Nuclear Industry

For more than 30 years, our diverse teams of industry-leading nuclear engineers, fire protection experts, regulatory affairs and safety assessment consultants have been enhancing the safety and operational performance of complex facilities.

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Hydrogen Services

Our team of experts supports projects related to fuel cell safety, hydrogen storage and use across multiple occupancies, including Laboratories, Petro-Chemical, Manufacturing, Warehouse/Storage, High Tech/Computer, Electric Utilities, Transportation and other Industrial Facilities. We offer integrated solutions that address risk reduction and ensure business continuity beyond traditional process safety.

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Building Site Safety Supervision + Auditing

Site safety supervision and auditing help you identify the safety risks of a construction site. It also detects any incorrect installations from a fire safety standpoint early in the process, before any harm is done.

Fire + Accident Investigation

Our investigation expertise covers everything from fire and explosion to maritime, mining and construction accidents.

Fire Safety Engineering + Design Consulting - Finland

As fire engineering specialists, we understand that effective Fire Engineering Design helps save resources and safeguard lives.

Safety Reports + Rescue Plans

Safety reports and rescue plans help prepare for accidents and emergencies and ensure that buildings are safe to evacuate, implement and manage safety measures in a variety of locations.

Fire Risk Consulting + Performance-Based Design

Risk analysis and performance-based design help solve the most challenging fire and safety issues of your site. Securely. Besides a smooth design collaboration, we also ensure a trouble-free approval process for demanding building sites.

Smoke Ventilation Design + Instructions

In the event of a fire, cost-effective, smoke ventilation systems can help minimize loss, prevent injury and reduce the risk of property damage.

Our European Offices

Global reach and local delivery across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our Finland Experts

Meet our industry-leading fire engineers and consultants.