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Jim Garrow

Senior Fire + Emergency Management

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare + Emergency Management


Jim joined Jensen Hughes in 2010 after serving with American Medical Response in Hartford as both a Paramedic Operations Supervisor and a Division Emergency Manager.

Before that, he served as Director of Operations at Aetna Ambulance Service. In addition to his local experience in operations and as a paramedic, Jim brings fresh and tested experience in national disaster response to Jensen Hughes. As a member of the American Medical Response’s National Disaster Response Team, a FEMA contractor, Jim has responded to many of our country’s most recent natural disasters.

During Hurricane Dean in 2007, he responded to San Antonio, Texas as a member of the Incident Management Team (IMT), where he was responsible for tracking and deploying multiple Ground Ambulances and Wheelchair/ Livery transportation units. In 2008, he was deployed to Louisiana and Texas for Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. During that 30-day deployment, he had assignments within the IMT and as a Task Force Leader, where he responded to dozens of healthcare facilities to coordinate their evacuations.

During Superstorm Sandy, in 2012, Jim was deployed to New York City. He was part of the Incident Management Team that coordinated evacuations and repatriations. He worked directly with the New York City Department of Health coordinating assessments of residents for community health needs.

Education / Certifications
  • Paramedicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

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