Helping you develop a more effective, efficient + safer emergency response

In the event of an emergency, knowing what to do, where to go and how to get there is an important part of a coordinated and timely response. With an emergency action plan, you increase your organization’s ability to safely evacuate and recover from financial losses, damages or business interruption — all while being compliant. Building a detailed emergency response plan will help to ensure that everyone will understand their role in an emergency situation.
Our team can help you develop easy-to-follow procedures to address emergency situations including evacuations, severe weather, gas leaks, power outages, elevator failures, active shooter situations and potential workplace violence. We work to identify the emergencies most likely to impact your organization and create an emergency action plan that is customized to your risks and response needs.

Multi-Location Facility Emergency Action Plans

While site-specific information is important in emergency action plans, a standardized approach ensures regulatory requirements are addressed and company best practices and policies are communicated. We work with you to develop company-wide, 24/7 accessible emergency action plans using our SMARTPLAN™ application, which improves accessibility, consistency and plan maintenance — ensuring better compliance and more effective plans.

School Emergency Operations Plans

School emergency plans must be continually updated to reflect a variety of threats, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, violent incidents on campuses and public health emergencies, including pandemic events. We help universities and K-12 campuses plan for these situations to minimize risk and exposure, while maximizing safety of students and personnel. Our plans, based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines, utilize our SMARTPLAN™ application with integrated database technology to streamline emergency planning and optimize plan maintenance.

Office + Building Emergency Action Plans

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to develop a written emergency action plan when more than ten employees are physically on location. We help develop these emergency action plans that identifies site-specific actions to reduce exposure and improve safety from fires, security issues, severe weather and other potentially devastating scenarios.

Onsite Incident Management Support

Disasters and other catastrophic incidents can significantly stress or exceed an organization’s capability to respond. A high-functioning Incident Management team is critical to optimizing the response. Our experienced Incident Management team can help manage complex incidents onsite – at the corporate, coalition, local, state or tribal level. Our experts can facilitate and manage incident goals, tactics, workflows and documentation. We can also manage your After Action Review to help reduce the probability of a recurrence. In addition, we work with your leadership team, providing guidance and support to shape response effectively.