What is your role at Jensen Hughes?
I am an engaged problem-solver. On a daily basis, I work to resolve complex issues—operations, client, legal and financial—in the most efficient and effective way. It is never boring.

What is something people don't know about you?
I am a 3rd generation female law enforcement officer and my Mom became a cop after I did. Very unusual to this day in law enforcement. And, I never wanted to be a cop!

What do you love about JH?
It is really a diverse company—participating in a range of complex issues across the world. Although new to JH, I have felt very welcomed and look forward to increase dynamics.

What is your advice on creating a gender-equal world?
A critical first step to a gender equal world requires women to find their voice. In my life, I have seen the continued advancement of women in our society, including legal rights. Women need to demand access, recognition and advancement in the workplace. Also, equality is achieved with men’s support—many men have been strong advocates for women throughout their lives. A gender equal world should be a shared vision—one owned by all of us.