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Kenneth A. Bouche


Vice President, Security Risk Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Security Risk Consulting + Management


Over four decades, Ken Bouche has established a career as an executive leader and senior advisor at the forefront of applying best practices in security risk management, government, technology, information sharing and intelligence to the highly specialized needs of corporate America, as well as law enforcement, homeland security and justice communities.

Today he serves as the Vice President of Operations for Jensen Hughes, Security Risk Consulting (SRC) and the alignment of its resources, expertise and capabilities with the evolving needs of clients.

In addition to his executive responsibilities, Bouche leads SRC’s focus in several areas: (1) implementing best practices in management, leadership, strategy and planning with both corporate and government clients; (2) helping the firm’s commercial clients and partners align their security and investigative strategies with their business strategies to improve efficiencies and effective corporate risk mitigation; (3) assisting corporate clients in understanding the social media landscape with respect to risks and threats; and (4) helping government clients understand and embrace strategic information-sharing opportunities to advance their missions, understand trends, prevent crime and counter the risks of terrorism.

Mr. Bouche has great depth in the justice and homeland security space having served as a member of the IJIS Institute’s Board of Directors from 2009 to 2013, and from 2001 to 2006, Bouche chaired the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. He served as a national leader in improving America’s information-sharing capacity and implementing post 9/11 intelligence reforms.

Earlier in his career, Bouche served on the executive team at MyThings Inc., where he created and led the development of Trace, a searchable database of stolen, lost and seized property that provides sellers of arts and antiques with the highest level of due diligence against trading stolen property in the world.

Before developing Trace, Bouche dedicated 23 years to the Illinois State Police where, as Colonel and CIO, he modernized and standardized the agency’s technology functions.

Education / Certifications
  • MPA, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BA, General Studies, Northeastern Illinois University