A headshot image of Kevin Hecksher

Kevin Hecksher


Senior Electrical Consultant

Areas of Expertise

Code Review + Compliance
Product Liability
Battery Failure Analysis + Consulting
Commercial + Residential Appliances/Electrical Systems + Industrial Equipment
Electrical Systems
Electrical/Electronic/PCB Failure Analysis
HVAC, Plumbing + Piping
Vehicle Fires
Lithium-Ion Battery + Energy Storage Systems


Kevin Hecksher, EIT, is an experienced Senior Forensic Electrical Consultant, with extensive experience in consumer and industrial appliances (both large and countertop) and HVAC systems. Mr. Hecksher has performed numerous forensic exams (in the field and in the lab) on all makes and models of such products, and has a strong command for not only the system architecture for these products, but a firm technical understanding of the operation of the electrical and mechanical components that comprise them. He demonstrates an advanced ability to perform destructive root cause and physics of failure analysis on the componentry of appliances, down to the circuit board and microcontroller level. Kevin has created coursework and has provided training and instruction on comprehensive appliance analysis and documentation techniques, which includes and emphasizes the proper installation, maintenance, operator use and compliance to applicable codes required for safe appliance operation.

Education / Certifications
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Oklahoma
  • AS, Engineering, Oklahoma City Community College
  • Registered EIT: OK
  • Commercial Electronic Controls, Moore-Norman Vo-Tec
  • Certified Fire + Explosion Investigator, NAFI
  • Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, NAFI
  • Certified Asbestos Worker