A headshot image of Will Hutchinson

Will Hutchinson


Managing Director of Forensics, UK + Ireland


Dr. Hutchinson worked for the Forensic Science Service in the UK for nine (9) years. He was a Senior Forensic Scientist and Expert Witness and specialized in the fields of trace evidence and fire investigation, completing more than 1000 cases. During that time, Dr. Hutchinson participated in a large variety of cases, including the investigation of high-profile murders and sexual assaults. He has been awarded a Police Commendation for his detailed forensic investigation and the outstanding quality of the evidence presented in court in a murder case.

Dr. Hutchinson has also been involved in the development and delivery of forensic training packages to overseas police forces, for example, the Netherlands Forensic Institute. Dr. Hutchinson has regularly attended court as an expert witness and has a strong understanding of the criminal justice system. Dr. Hutchinson joined Hawkins and Associates Ltd in 2010 where he investigated fires in domestic and commercial premises as well as vehicle fires. He investigated several international fires and continued his association with the Police investigating fatal fires and giving evidence in court. Dr. Hutchinson was awarded a Judge’s Commendation in 2017 after investigating a fatal fire caused by arson for the “thorough investigation” and “the professional way it was presented to the Court”

Education / Certifications
  • PHD, Infrared-Active Sensors for Inhomogeneous Systems, The Nottingham Trent University
  • BSC (Hons), Applied Chemistry, The Nottingham Trent University
  • Level 5, Skills for Justice Fire Investigator
  • Member, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Member, International Association of Fire Investigators
  • Member, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences