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Case Study

Prudhoe Bay is one of the largest oilfields in North America and is located in northern Alaska on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The British Petroleum (BP)-operated oilfield has been in operation since 1977 and includes over 1000 wells and numerous processing facilities.
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The Problem

Because of the vast array of production facilities and wells, BP required a cohesive risk-informed engineering and fire protection strategy that addressed the inherent risks of each facility and covered a wide variety of specialty engineering services.

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The Solution

We provided front-end engineering services such as equipment evaluation, fire and explosion hazard assessments and fire safety system design to support BP in renewing fire and gas detection systems, as well as other specialty risk management systems throughout their operations.

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The Results

We were able to help BP develop a holistic fire protection and risk-informed engineering strategy that covered all its facilities. They were then able to use this to inform their new construction activities, establish consistent safety standards and mitigate potential production down time.

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