Design fire scenarios for hazard assessment of electric and internal combustion engine vehicles

Jonathan Hodges, Urvin Salvi + Anil Kapahi

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Apr 10, 2024

Modern vehicles present different hazards than older vehicles due to the increase in the use of combustible plastics and the presence of alternative fuel systems. However, the lack of data on modern vehicles makes it difficult to derive statistically relevant information about the different hazards posed by these vehicles.

In their recently published article in Fire Safety Journal, Jonathan Hodges, Urvin Salvi and Anil Kapahi take a closer look at existing data to evaluate whether current guidance is sufficient for modern vehicles. The paper presents a new approach to evaluating the fire hazards associated with larger passenger vehicles. The model points to an alarming trend in the fire protection industry, where the hazard posed by single-passenger vehicles may exceed existing design guidance.

Read the article here.

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About the author

Dr. Jonathan Hodges
Dr. Jonathan Hodges leads a research group in the Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation Division at Jensen Hughes, focusing on the intersection of risk assessment, computational modeling, data analytics and artificial intelligence.