Designing and Deploying Access Control Systems: Best Practices and Principles

Matthew Harper

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Jun 10, 2024

Access control is the first line of defense for any company that wants to ensure the physical security of its people, property and assets. Managing access requires implementing a system guided by strategic principles. In his article for Buildings magazine, Matt Harper explores a few best practices for designing and deploying access control systems.

Access control has many features and capabilities, including multiple authentication features, video surveillance authentication and numerous locking hardware assemblies. Given the complexities of these systems, involving end-users/stakeholders, reviewing designs at the conceptual level, developing high-quality manufacturer partnerships, and establishing access control standards from the outset can help establish a solid foundation for long-term use.

Read the article, “Designing and Deploying Access Control Systems: Best Practices and Principles," in Buildings magazine.

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Matthew Harper
Matt is a Senior Technology Consultant and Registered Communication Distribution Designer with over 30 years of experience employed in all aspects of the Construction project cycle.