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Case Study

Distrigas, founded in 1971, is located in Massachusetts and markets liquified natural gas in liquid and vapor form across the northeastern United States.
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The Problem

Distrigas required expert analysis to satisfy questions that were submitted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). To continue production at their LNG Storage facility, they had to provide expert analysis for questions related to certain fire protection features.

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The Solution

We provided fire protection and risk-informed analysis consulting services, analyzing the fire protection requirements for the LNG transfer piping that runs from the docks to the storage tanks. Our main focus was the hose stream flows for the monitor nozzle and hydrant nose station.

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The Results

Because of our analysis, Distrigas was able to provide robust analysis which demonstrated their high standard of fire protection and risk engineering practices, which satisfied FERC. This allowed Distrigas to continue production without interruption safely and without loss of business.