Exploring Canada's New Accessibility Standards

Joshua Klyber

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Jun 5, 2024

The development of new accessibility standards in Canada is starting! In an effort to improve upon existing guidelines, Accessibility Standards of Canada (ASC) is developing a new set of accessibility standards for the built environment that will provide much more detailed guidance and flexibility in application, while striving to integrate best practices with the hard realities of existing buildings.

In his article for Construction Canada, Joshua Klyber explores these new accessibility standards and how they improve upon existing international guidance by incorporating the best parts of existing standards and the best practices of accessibility and universal design.

With fifteen new accessibility standards covering major topics such as new construction, existing buildings, outdoor spaces, wayfinding, and emergency egress, the new standards not only provide the necessary guidance to ensure all federally owned, operated, and regulated properties are accessible by 2040 but also a unique opportunity to develop one of the most progressive sets of accessibility standards in the world.

Read the article, “Exploring Canada’s New Accessibility Standards” in the June 2024 issue of Construction Canada.

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Joshua Klyber
Joshua is a veteran of accessibility initiatives on the leading edge of educating and supporting clients by integrating universal design into their projects to surpass the code minimums and accommodate more individuals’ needs.