Fire-Resistance-Rated Ducts as Alternatives to Shaft Enclosures

Samuel Flibbert, EIT

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Aug 25, 2021

In a fire situation, ductwork serving HVAC or pressurization systems can if not properly protected, facilitate the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gas between areas otherwise isolated from one another. For this reason, the code requires the protection of ductwork by fire-resistance-rated (FRR) shaft enclosures. One alternative to the traditional shaft enclosure is the use of fire-resistance-rated duct materials tested for the application they shall be installed in. Utilization of fire-rated ductwork requires one to request the use of alternative means and methods per the process laid out in the code.

After reading this paper you will:

  • Learn about the requirements for alternative means and methods requests as they relate to fire-resistance-rated ducts
  • Understand the dimensions across which equivalency must be shown and what documentation must be provided for a successful alternative means and methods request
  • Be aware of the limitations of alternative means and methods requests
  • Review some of the challenges associated with the use of fire-resistance-rated duct assemblies

Read the whitepaper.

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