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Case Study

Holloman Air Force Base had installed a new 5 volt-amperes (MVA) photovoltaic generation system (a solar array), providing power to more than 1,300 facilities on base. The 42-acre array was designed and built to meet 50 percent of Holloman’s peak summer, daytime electrical demand and 100 percent of the base’s winter, daytime demand.
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The Problem

The contractor who installed the array had failed to include a critical life safety element – protective device settings to safeguard the existing substation against surges from the new solar array. This resulted in a costly delay as they weren’t able to use their new system.

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The Solution

We developed an electrical distribution model to account for the photovoltaic generation system and analyzed the protective device settings required to not only improve system reliability, but to protect base equipment and personnel as well.

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The Results

Providing this critical piece not only allowed the Holloman Air Force Base (AFB) to begin using the solar array, but our continued support ensured that it was safe and operational. As a result of our quick turnaround, the project achieved significant cost savings and they were able to meet their goals for mission resiliency and environmental impact.

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