Industry Leaders Team-up to Bring World Class Expertise to the Global Nuclear Energy Industry

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Aug 3, 2023

Jensen Hughes, Inc. and EXCEL Services Corporation (hereafter EXCEL) are teaming up to provide a broad range of engineering and management services to nuclear power projects throughout the World. Leveraging almost 80 years of combined industry experience, together the companies are offering clients a single engagement approach to manage and deliver needed engineering and management expertise to design, build, operate and decommission nuclear energy plants.

“Clients can trust that Jensen Hughes and EXCEL will provide integrated services and solutions to our clients regardless of where they are in the life cycle of their facilities,” said Raj Arora, CEO of Jensen Hughes. “With the important role that nuclear will play in addressing climate change and energy security issues, the need for agile, flexible and creative specialty engineering support will be essential in improving operational efficiency, extending plant life, and deploying the next generations of large and small reactors. Together, these two companies have the resources, experience, and expertise to deliver simple and effective solutions to complex problems.”

Together the companies will provide a full range of services for both existing and new nuclear programs globally, focusing on Owner’s Engineer services for buyers of new nuclear plants, development and harmonization of regulations for Gen III+ and Gen IV reactors, safety and operational efficiency improvement for the current operating fleets, and plant life extension for long term operation.

“EXCEL is pleased to team with Jensen Hughes to bring about the most fully-integrated range of specialty engineering services available to the global nuclear energy market,” said Donald Hoffman, President, CEO and Founder of EXCEL. “The collaboration between our two companies will immediately benefit our current clients by streamlining the process of accessing our combined capabilities and will allow us to offer our full scope of services to new clients through a single agreement.”

For more information about our alliance, please contact Paul Amico ( or Donald Hoffman ( For more information about our service offerings, please visit our websites: Nuclear Power, Nuclear Services and Excel Services.

About Jensen Hughes

Jensen Hughes is the global leader in safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting. Every day, our international teams of 1,500+ engineers, technical experts, architects and consultants partner with clients in 100+ countries to make our world safe, secure and resilient. Since 1939, we have earned trust among our clients, people and communities by bringing integrity to our relationships, innovation to our industry and technical excellence to many of the most complex challenges in the world. Our major business lines include fire safety engineering, risks and hazards, security risk consulting, emergency management and planning, and forensic engineering

Jensen Hughes has been a leader in the nuclear industry for more than 40 years, having performed safety and operational improvement services for every plant in the US and Canada as well as for plants in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. The company has also provided support to a number of vendors in the development and certification of new generation large and small reactors. In additional to technical support to owners and vendors, the Jensen Hughes staff is well known for its work in policy development and research, contributing to initiatives of the Nuclear Energy Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and a number of professional societies including ASME, NFPA and ANS. Leveraging our expertise in policy development, research, and project execution makes Jensen Hughes the one stop shop for full cycle technical and programmatic support.


EXCEL has been a leader in the nuclear industry for more than 38 years, providing specialized professional services to US and global nuclear technology organizations in the areas of licensing, engineering, technical, operations, and regulatory support. EXCEL supports nuclear plant designers, operators, and regulatory authorities to develop and implement licensing and regulatory strategies for all phases of the new nuclear build projects, from design certification, to site selection, to licensing. EXCEL personnel have extensive, current experience with operational and engineering issues, Improved Technical Specifications, 24-month fuel cycle extensions, license renewal/subsequent license renewal, power uprate, cyber and physical security, decommissioning, and many other activities related to managing and resolving first-of-a-kind, complex issues. EXCEL provides expert technical support to the Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG), the Boiling Water Reactors Owners’ Group (BWROG), and the AP1000® Owners Group (APOG), and manages the (Technical Specifications Task Force). EXCEL staff is well known for its work in policy development, contributing to initiatives of the Nuclear Energy Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute, the International Atomic Energy Agency, other commercial and state committees, and a number of professional societies including ASME and ANS.

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About the author

Paul Amico
Paul is a Nuclear Engineer with over 45 years of experience in performing and managing domestic and international programs involving risk-Informed engineering applied to the design and operation of nuclear reactor plants, non-reactor facilities, process plants, and other technologies.