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Case Study

The collapse of Rana Plaza outside Dhaka, Bangladesh was the deadliest industrial accident in modern history. A structural failure led to the collapse of the 8-story commercial building and the loss of over 1,000 lives. In response to this incident, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh was created by more than 150 apparel corporations to protect workers from fire, building collapses or other accidents.
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The Problem

In order to set a new standard of safety, Acord needed to assess the current level of safety and inspect over 1,400 factories for fire and building safety hazards. They required experts that could perform inspections, standardize code and recommend appropriate upgrades.

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The Solution

Our team of engineers worked with the Accord to establish appropriate safety standards for the factory. We then performed inspections to define baseline conditions and adherence to minimum standards. The findings of these inspections helped determine recommended upgrades to safety features and systems.

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The Results

Through our fire and life safety assessments and oversight to ensure fire safety was properly maintained throughout process, the Accord was able to establish a standard of safety. As the factories work to implement these improvements, we continue to assist with follow-up installations, QA and training.