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Case Study

The London Olympics Athletes Village was originally designed and constructed as the Olympic Village for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. The space provided accommodation for the 24,500 athletes and event staff who took part in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. After the games, the development was transformed into a new space with approximately 2,900 apartments.
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The Problem

Because of the short timeline, it was critical that the fire strategy principles were quickly agreed upon with Building Control and the Fire Brigade. Such an expansive and high-profile scheme required early coordination with authorities and an extremely methodical and thorough fire strategy.

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The Solution

We worked with the client and consultants to develop a new approach to fire safety in residential buildings. We based this approach on recent advances in smoke control and sprinkler design backed by extensive research into the effectiveness of residential sprinklers throughout the world.

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The Results

Our advances in sprinkler design allowed for us to apply the strategy site wide and enable different architects to design a consistent and agreed-upon fire strategy. We demonstrated that open plan apartments, longer corridors and fewer stairs didn’t compromise occupants’ safety.