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Mark Suski, CFPS, SET

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Sep 6, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced employees to work from home, an enormous strain was placed on corporate servers, IT equipment, and infrastructure not originally designed to accommodate an entirely remote workforce. Businesses had to adapt in real-time to ensure business continuity. This challenge was of particular significance for companies that operate mission-critical facilities, such as telecommunications, utilities and banks, to keep their data centers and systems operating safely, reliably, and efficiently — not only to support remote working but also to ensure the crucial services these companies provide were not interrupted.

A new article by Mark Suski, CFPS, SET, market leader for the Midwest region at Jensen Hughes for Mission Critical, offers his expert insights into how these companies can meet the safety challenges posed by the increased demand for cloud-based services — including facing head-on and planning for fire protection for cloud-based systems. Read The Importance of Fire Risk Analysis for Data Centers at

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Mark Suski
As a Principal Technical Committee member of NFPA 75, Mark remains current with continuing technology changes within the high-tech computer industry