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Case Study

MarkWest is a midstream oil and gas processing company with multiple processing facilities across the United States. Many of their facilities receive natural gas liquids from various pipelines and separates the unrefined natural gas into value-added liquified petroleum gas products.
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The Problem

Multiple MarkWest facilities required hazard assessments for their fractionators, storage tanks, truck and rail racks, fire protection water storage and underground water systems. They needed design and construction of all projects to be completed on an expedited schedule.

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The Solution

We provided a full scope of risk engineering services including the design of fire detection, alarm and above and below-ground water systems. Following the design, we provided full time on-site construction supervision services to ensure the projects were delivered on-schedule and under budget.

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The Results

We met the demands of an expedited schedule, and our involvement provided MarkWest with the required confidence that their facilities are in full compliance with local, state and federal regulation. This allowed the requirements to be met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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