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Case Study

Macau is the largest gaming hub in the world and is often referred to as the “Las Vegas of the East”. Along the Cotai Strip, the city’s casino boulevard, three of the largest casino operators have recently opened or are currently planning large casinos on the strip.
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The Problem

Macau opened its market to large US-based casino concessions and wanted to build mega-casinos and resorts. Local building code did not address the large, open spaces commonly found in the Las Vegas style mega-casinos and resorts found in the United States and elsewhere.

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The Solution

Over the last 13 years, our services for mega-casinos in Macau have included fire protection, third-party fire and life safety peer review, construction period inspections, quality assurance witness testing, and system acceptance testing. We’ve provided services to 11 resorts including the world’s 7th and 8th largest buildings in the world by floor area.

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The Results

We introduced the Macau Fire Department Commissioner to the International Building Code (IBC) and the Third-Party services recognized by the IBC. Because of our close collaboration and technical expertise, Macau has been able to expand its casino footprint and maintain a high level of fire and life safety.

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