Mixed Signals: Using Different Audible Appliances in the Same Space

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May 26, 2015

Check out Wayne Moore’s, of Jensen Hughes’ Rhode Island office, article “Mixed Signals: Using Different Audible Appliances in the Same Space“, published in NFPA Journal’s May-June Issue.

Excerpt from article:

WHEN WE DESIGN audible signaling appliances for a new system, we rarely question what type of appliance we plan to use. For example, if we design an in-building fire emergency voice/alarm communications system (EVACS), then we will choose speakers as the audible appliance. If we design a non-voice system, we might choose horns for the audible alarm appliance.

However, every so often an issue arises when we design audible appliances for a new fire alarm system that leads us to question if we made the right choice. Such a question recently appeared on the NFPA LinkedIn Forum, accompanied by a number of interesting responses.

For the full article, click here.

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