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Kingston, Jamaica’s Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) serves as a global gateway for business and tourism. Its unique location on the Palisadoes Peninsula situates the airport between Kingston's business district and both Kingston Harbour, the seventh largest harbor in the world, and a protected area of wetlands.

The airport employs approximately 3500 residents, serves over 1.7 million passengers and handles over 70 percent of the Island’s air cargo operations, doing business with more than 70 companies and government agencies.

As part of the airport’s efforts to keep the facilities modern, efficient and environmentally friendly, our Jensen Hughes experts were asked to provide an audit on the fuel farm, fuel transfer, and associated processes to identify where improvements could be made.

As business continuity, safety and sustainability are paramount to the success of fuel operations, our experts referenced best practices for similar facilities handling copious amounts of hazardous materials. Such facilities are regulated by OSHA PSM regulations (1910.119) and various industry guidance (e.g. American Petroleum Institute and National Fire Protection Association standards).

An audit of management systems and equipment conditions against these industry best practices provided clear guidance to the client and stakeholders as to what actions need to be taken to improve performance.

NMIA's ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility protects not just its customers but also the abundant ecosystems of the harbor such as seagrass beds, fisheries and coral reefs and the mangrove wetlands that shelter and provide habitat for birds, insects and an incredibly varied array of ocean creatures. Mangroves also stabilize coastlines and prevent erosion from waves and storms to secure the land for all of its inhabitants.

While many of us love traveling to island destinations such as Jamaica, the proper safety and use of hazardous materials such as airplane fuel that gets us there is essential to protect both the natural habitats and ecosystems of those special locations.

This whole region, urban and natural areas alike, are interconnected, and the Norman Manley International Airport continues to improve and expand with these priorities in mind and our team is proud to support this effort.

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Norman Manley International Airport


Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico

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Kingston, Jamaica




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