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Case Study

Qatar Petroleum, a government-owned conglomerate that supplies most of its oil and gas to Asia and the United States, built their new headquarters in Doha, Qatar and was seeking security consulting and design services.
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The Problem

One of the largest corporate campuses in the world, this facility consisted of a five-star hotel, nine high-rise towers, a parking garage, a data center and various additional features. A complex, mixed-use facility of this nature required a unique, integrated security system.

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The Solution

Our team prepared a programmatic analysis prior to employing security systems design services including electric access control, TCP/IP video-based surveillance, VIP security and a separate security system design to monitor the data center and operations center for the entire site.

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The Results

Our work to deliver reliable security on such a large scale, combined with the complexity the unique architecture required, was awarded the “Most Innovative Security Project” and the “Grand Platinum Award by Secured Cities.”