School Security Assessments: 4 Reasons Why Your Campus Should Hire an Outside Consultant

William Green, Jake Johnson + Chad McGinty

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May 20, 2024

Campus safety has been linked to improved college student and institutional outcomes, yet only 55% of students attending rural colleges and 36% attending colleges in large cities report feeling very safe on campus.

Promoting safe campuses and developing effective security policies should be a foundational concern for every leader. In a recent article from Campus Safety, Jensen Hughes security experts William Green, Jake Johnson, and Chad McGinty discuss the importance of campus security programs and the advantages of hiring outside consultants to perform security assessments.

Uninformed and unprepared organizations run the greatest risk of having their vulnerabilities exploited, either by chance or opportunity. A comprehensive security assessment performed by an outside security consultant can provide organizations with the information needed to improve security and safety, capture program efficiencies, and develop successful strategies for managing risk. By getting fresh perspective on security gaps, vulnerabilities and practices, leaders can find the right solutions to achieve a safe, secure and welcoming environment for everyone.

Read the article “School Security Assessments: 4 Reasons Why Your Campus Should Hire an Outside Consultant” in Campus Safety.

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William P. Green Sr.
William (Billy) helps governments and law enforcement organizations strategize and create tactical plans and operational objectives which enhance overall performance and promote community support.
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Jacob Johnson
Jake Johnson specializes in helping clients within industrial, retail, and educational sectors improve security programs through physical and technical security assessments and evaluation of policies and procedures.
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Chad is a law enforcement, public safety, emergency preparedness and security leader.